Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March 2013  8p.m

                                                            The  Saddest Day Ever

          Tonight, we filled the form of survey on the students' perceptions, interactions and writing proficiency in call through reflective journal on blogs that given by Miss Zu. Well in the form actually is reflect to our blog. For me personally bLogging it is good on how to improve our english grammar. After that, we discussed about example of term paper. I'am still slow on how to do it but i just stick to the flow  on how to answer it.

         Now let me tell you about the saddest moment that we been through tonight , As we know tonight was the last day we met Miss Zu because final examination is about around the corner and we have to end it tonight. Not only end for BEL 311 but it is also the last day for all of us to be together, having a junk food together and laugh. I can't stand to see all of my friend's face because they shows grieve face on the our last meeting.

     The Good news about tonight is, i don't need to update any BEL311's blog anymore booyyyaahhhh
Bye-bye Miss Zu
Farewell Friends
R.I.P miserable work

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13rd March 2013 4P.m

                                             How to make Arguementative essay??

             Today we learned about arguementative essay but how to  differentiate it with other term paper essay?? Its easy just  find the word of '' should be" in the question. Easy isn't it?

Then we moved how to make thesis statement:
1) must clearly states which side you are for:
  - for example: curfew laws are unfair and should be abolished  in public universities. Writer is disagree because there is unpleasant word as underlined.

            Then Miss Zu asked us to make our own thesis statement. Below is the example of mine and my friend's:
                                         My thesis statement and stand for agree:
Organ donation should be encouraged among Malaysian. Due to the various negative impacts especially in term of health condition of donors will be affected after the donation, there are strong claims that organ donation should be encouraged among Malaysian people as a noble action.

                                     Sarah's Thesis statement and stand for agree:
Although organ donation brings negative perception towards Malaysian society, there are strong evidence   that organ donation should be encouraged among Malaysian to give a second chance to the patience.

                                        Bariah's thesis statement and stand for agree:
 Despite the claim that donation is seen as a noble action and gives benefit towards people who needed organ donation should not be encouraged among Malaysian because it can affect not only the donors but as well as the  donor's family.

                    After what we saw the description how to make arguementative essay, Miss Zu said to make one but this time we gotta do individually and submit it on next week. You know what, this is crazy because this week we about going to crazy think about a lot of test a head of us, then today Miss Zu added up this crazy essay. Hell no..

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12nd  March 2013

                                            NO CLASS BUT I ATTEND TO CLASS. wHy!!!??

           Yesterday Miss Zu said tomorrow class is cancelled but i forgot to make a reminder as a result i forgot and i came to the class.. I opened the door and everybody wasn't there. Then, i remember what Miss Zu said yesterday due half of class want to go to PERSADA. What the hell does PERSADA mean, y'all??. . Then, at night somebody reminded the whole class to complete the blog. I heard that then lets get this thing done.

11st March 2013 2p.m

                                                             Practice Speaking test

                 Today, Miss Zu  carried out another speaking practice that comprised Rozita, Adibah,  Syafiqah and Wasim . This practice really essential for us before we do the real speaking test within this week. As we realized time didin’t allow us to do more practice infront everybody, therefore we carried out by ourselves immediately after Miss Zu gone back home but we gotta do this fast. At last ours is done by the commitment given by my group that comprised Nadia Zamri and Hakimah but Hakimah was absent yesterday ..
        This task is Quite challenging to me but I more like to speak rather than writing and typing an essay.  
6 March 2013 4p.m

                                                       FORMAT OF SPEAKING TEST      

                       Today  Miss Zu gave us the speaking test format. Therefore, she proposed to use speaking test like in Bel260 where the candidates can present their point at the first round, Second round they can oppose other candidate opinion and pick the best the one. Below are the format that i got.

1) read the question for 1 minute.

2) You are given 5minutes to prepare your points to support or oppose the other   candidate's view.
3)  your group is given 20 minutes for discussion.
4) take note down while the other candidates present their point for arguement purpose.
5) After you listened, try to reduce decision which is the best. Everyone must make their own conclusion.

                                   NIGHT CLASS

              Tonight is replacement class for our previous class which Miss Zu called it off this before . Today was the day . Tonight Miss Zu taught us about comparison or contrast before that you need to understand the basic of comparison or contrast first. well its easy you can compare 2 equal items and next decide if you want to compare and contrast. It so easy when Miss Zu showed us what is Venn Diagram

and taught us more detail about Venn diagram

5 March 2013 4p.m

                                        Example of speaking test

       Today Miss Zu carried out speaking practice again for preparation real speaking test next week. Firstly, she divided us into several groups. My group is only Hakimah, Nadia Zamri and me. After she explained about speaking test, she choose Ana's group as example for speaking test next week. The title that given was about "Malaysian are generally not punctual and this bad habit is often seen when they attend formal functions. However, punctually is a good habit should be cultivated. Discuss ways Malaysian can overcome this problem of being habitually late. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s)".
For speaking test BEL 311, we only given 1 minute to read the question, 5 minutes to write your own point and 20 minutes for discussion. After speaking practice ended, Miss Zu discussed about the mark given to Ana's group. Before class ended, Miss Zu give us 6 set of questions of speaking test last semester. She asked us to practice by our own in the weekend. So, they are topic that Miss Zu gave us:

SET 1:

Malaysian are generally not punctual and this bad habit is often seen when they attend formal functions. However, punctually is a good habit should be cultivated. Discuss ways Malaysian can overcome this problem of being habitually late. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

SET 2:
Many obese people go for plastic surgery to improve their appearance. However, there are many dangers in doing this. Discuss ways obese people can improve their appearance without going for plastic surgery. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

SET 3:
To have good and caring neighbours is important in maintaining peace and harmony in the neighbourhood. However, caring neighbours are becoming scarce today. Discuss ways to foster good relationship among neighbours. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

SET 4:
There is an increasing number of homeless and runaway youths today. It has been found that among the causes of this are the high rates of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and parental rejection. Discuss how this problem can be resolved. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

SET 5:
Today an increasing of elderly people live alone and care for themselves without any help from their children. Suggest ways society can help them. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

SET 6:
Many drug addicts take drugs and commit crimes again after they are released from prison or rehabilitation centres. Discuss reasons for such repeat offences and suggest ways to prevent them from happening. Decide on one or more effective way(s) to do this. Give for your choice(s).

4 March 2013 2P.M 


         Today we enjoyed watching the forum from the last group. Their topic was about   "You are member of the Malaysian Nature Society. The members feel that pollution, caused by plastic bags in Malaysia, is increasing. How can the use of plastic bags in shopping complexes and supermarkets be reduced? Suggest few practical ways to solve the problem. Give reasons for your choice"  

      Quite funny y'all when Faiz Othman is become Chinese Prime Minister hahaha.. you had do a good job make us laugh before we study seriously. After Sarah group done for their forum, Miss Zu give our class a piece of pink paper, blue paper, brown paper. It has 2 pages which are self-editing and peer editing. Today, Miss Zu want to us do self-editing. But Fikri and I  were busy in editing the references.  The reference really make us pissed off y'all. How to arrange that thing?? It took 20 minutes to justify the reference. I was like in hell man while i doing all do that damn reference. Miss Zu why this thing needs to be so detail??  


27 February 2013 4p.m

                                                      W.T.F..  wHat ThE fOruM??

Today was my best day due to my most favourite activity that called Forum. Well this is the part of speaking practice before we do the real speaking test soon. Miss Zu called up the first group to carry out the forum. So, my team was the first. I felt nervous at the first time. Our title was about   "The Cost of things has sky-rocketed over the last five years. Managing our finances is becoming more and more difficult. Discuss the reasons for the 
price increases and suggest some solutions to this problem"

When the host asked me a question, i just answer the question like normal people but today it was little bit different when i felt so nervous then my whole finger shivering and what the funny thing happened to me was i changed my english accent like American black people all of a sudden. "What the hell is going in here??" i just talk to myself to reduce my nervous before it become worst.

Miss Zu asked us to pick who was the panel and the host. So, i picked Syafiqah Salleh as the best panel and  Mr. Fikri Don't To Much as the best host in house y'all. Good job. 



26 February 2013 4p.m

                                      Making a Reference of Term Paper

    Today  Miss Zu taught us about how to make reference. She said to refer in the textbook at page 69 and 70 and she said put at least 5. I'am so lucky because i only got 5 in our information retrieved. Here i put the 5 references that Fikri and I did together.

Hibbert K. ( 2006 May, 21st ) Baby hatch. Retrieved on March 3rd, 2013, from         / baby_hatch

Looi, S  ( 2010, December 28) Ipoh gets Malaysia’s first baby hatch.                            Retrieved March 3rd , 2013, from                                                                         http:/              822086930? Accounted=42518

Nuraina S.( 2012, July 6) National baby hatches plan. Retrieved on March 3rd ,                        2013, from file:///F: / baby hatch/newspaper  bh.htm

Shanti G. ( 2012 November, 4th ) Baby hatches to open in Kota Bharu and                 Johor Baru. Retrieved on March 3rd, 2013, from  file:///F: / baby                        hatch/newspaper  bh.htm

Vichy Government ( 1941 September, 2nd ) Protection of birth. Retrieved on                March 3rd 2013, from / baby_hatch.

      After Miss Zu had done explained about references, we are going to do speaking practice. She divided to 6 groups. My group is Adibah,  We got a simplest title that was about"The Cost of things has sky-rocketed over the last five years. Managing our finances is becoming more and more difficult. Discuss the reasons for the price increases and suggest some solutions to this problem". Quite easy, ai'nt it?
  . Miss Zu gives 30 minutes to discuss a forum. Then, Miss Zu said " we are going to continue the forum at tomorrow class because don't have a time". That's all for today. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

25th February 2013

                                                 Comment the Other's Outline  

        Today  we brought our laptop to comment the other's outline as what Miss Zu told us last week. I love to do this because i like to see what the other's mistake on their outline but in reality is ours is quite very bad when Miss Zu handed out our outline. Fikri and I expected to get high marks, apparently not. We got below 4 over 5. Therefore, we have to make a correction.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

20th February 4P.M

                           How to make Full Essay

            Today MissZu taught us little bit how make a full essay. Its simple but we need to be careful. The simple thing is, we just put transition signal to connect all points in our outline that we made it this before to form a perfect full essay.. Miss Zu also taught us about concluding statement which means put some sort of advice in your last paragraph of the essay . For those who write arguement essay, you can write your stand in your concluding statement.

   After that, we learnt about Causes and Effect essay. How to do it??
First, we need to differentiate which are causes and which are effects. For example;
A plane crashed due to mechanical error.    This situation we can detect and differentiate between causes and effects. A plane crashed is the effect while mechanical error is the cause. We also learnt about how to link cause and effect in page 105 till 109..

At the end of the class, we have to do cause and effect essay in group. We had been divided into 5 groups . Mine was group number 3. Then, Miss Zu showed us 5 videos and we need to understand the message in videos. Our video was about English pronouciation. Then, we made a full essay together.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

18th February 2013 2P.M 


Before i starting my blog for today i would like to wish WELCOME BACK TO UiTM SEGAMAT
for all students after a week were had a mid sem's holiday. Today, i overslept and skipped the class but i updated what Miss Zu taught from my friends. Miss Zu taught about inferences. Do you want to know what is inferences?   

inferences is what you read between the line or the author want you, as a reader you need to guess and make the jump to the same conclusion the author have made. 

When we read something our inside voices will:
1.             Make guesses
2.             Find connecting point
3.             Ask question
4.             Make prediction
5.             Personalize the reading
6.             Uses background knowledge to interpret 

my friend told me, they also played game as well.. They said the game called " who kill Mr. Boddy".. I wondering what kind the game was that. 

6th February 2013

                              MY OUTLINE IS COMPLETED

Alhamdulillah after a week Fikri and I  brainstorming on how to make the best outline which is very challenging and hard to do because it must follow the format and rules. Today, Miss Zu read our outline and we noticed that she was very pleased what we have done. So, no time to talk lets me show you our outline:

                        The negative and positive sides
                            of providing baby hatch.
        I.            Introduction :
It is indeed that government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide     among the unwanted babies  but, there strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result than positive ones.

      II.            Body paragraph:
A)     Con 1:  It can reduce the number of abandoned babies dramatically.
1.       According to Nasiruddin H. (n.d.) notes that baby hatch is a place where unwanted babies dumped by their parent.
a)      He added that human resources staff will inspect the infants and they will deliver the infants to the Welfare Department after they ensured the infants are in good health.

2.       However  this factual statement might be inconclusive because not most of unwed couple wants dump their baby in the baby hatch this fact is supported by the annual report from police department shows unwanted baby still dump in uncompatible place.

3.       Pro 1: To begin with, unwed couple wants to avoid from being disgraced by community due to their illegal action by dumping their infant in the baby hatch.
a)       According to Spokesman for UN Children’s Fund (n.d.) states that unwed mothers are encounter a numerous of social stigma that  guide the mother to unsafe abortions then lead them to dump their infant to incompatible place.

B)      Con 2:  some people say that the implementation of baby hatch  good to  reduce the rate of infant mortality.
1)      It is undeniably  that newborns are need high protection to ensure they can survive in this world and give them another chance to live.
a)       Harjeet Singh (n.d.) proposes that innocent infant’s life can be rescued by providing baby hatch where these babies can seek a shelter from being harmed.

2)      In contrast, researches shown that  the baby dumped in the baby hatch could get proper attention in term of health care, food and protection is very essential.

3)      Pro :  Another reason why baby hatch must not be implemented because it still not utilize effectively .

a)      According to Faizah (n.d.) proves  that there is still unwed couple dumped and killed their newborn infant by flushing them down the toilet, abandoned them in the dustbin or threw them into the river eventhough baby hatch already implemented.

C)      Con 3:  For those who are against these ideas may say that we should to dumped the babies at the mosque or welfare centre.

1.       Providing baby hatch brings us towards westernization and modernization such as Japan.

a)      When modernization absorbs in ourselves it will eliminates good moral values, customs and rules of religions.

2.       Pro 3:  saving a life is not wrong eventhough it is violate of law under section 317 of the penal code where if you abandon your child  below age 12, the parent of the child will serve their life in jail but giving a second chance is one of noble steps.

a)      We can’t judge or punish these babies due to their status

b)      Everybody deserves a second chance  to change their life.

    III.            Conclusion

According to the numerous weakness and shortcoming what was our government provided for Malaysian people is not permenant solution to curb baby dumping problem , it is proven by many statistics shows baby dumping  problem is increasing every year eventhough baby hatch is provided  in Malaysia and since the hard evidence provided  here proves that everyone should against of baby hatch implementation in Malaysia because it brings more harms than good.

so, what do you think about our outline?  We are require your constructive comment to improve our outline. Thank you :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


5th February 2013

                                                          Redo the Outline

   Yesterday our outline had  been rejected due to many of errors. Today, we redo it in the class so we need to bring our own laptop in the class. While, i was typing the outline suddenly my laptop notified that battery is low and automatically shut down. We got to do by using computer class. Miss Zu gave us suggestion and correction of general errors. At the end of the class, we still didn't complete it yet due to lack of information. We have to continue in the college and submit it on Wednesday.

Monday, 18 February 2013

4th February 2013 2P.M

                     Check the outline
Today as Miss Zu promised last week to check our outline progress so today is the day. Fikri and I are confident to be first checked by Miss Zu. She was scanning every line of paragraph and she noticed  there are many errors in our outline because we didn't follow the format given. We have to redo it again and submit before Chinese New Year..

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Jan 2013 4p.m

                         Check the error of  the Introduction

        Today we watched our friend's presentation who had been rejected yesterday. The presentation carried out very well and Miss Zu checked and corrected the error of their thesis statement then she gave a greenlight to all of the groups. Then, we proceeded to introduction, she wants to check them. We must ensure the grammars, sentences, and tenses are good. Miss Zu checked the introduction of all groups. While she was checking the other's introduction  ,Fikri and I checked the entire of  introduction. When it comes our turned, we showed everything we got. It's undeniable that Miss Zu actually have an eye like an eagle, she detected our errors then She immediately corrected it. Now, we good so we can proceed to the next stage, the Outline. It is Sound terrible to me.  Here it comes.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29 Jan 2013

                        Thesis statement accepted

Alhamdulillah today we presented our 3 thesis statements and one of  our's have been accepted. So, this is the thesis statement that Miss Zu accepted.

It is indeed that baby hatch provided by government is

 the one of the noble steps to protect these  unwanted

 babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in

 Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby

 hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more

 catastrophe than solution.

 It is not just our thesis statement that she accepted but all of my group of arguementative writting and only 2 groups still rejected and there another one have not present it yet. After we done about writting thesis statement, we go to how to do outline. I see it's quite complicated to do but we see it how in the next class. See you tommorow.

Monday, 28 January 2013

28th  Jan 2013

                              PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Today we have no class at all due to the public holiday for one day but tommorow  we have to present  our  presentation  about 3 thesis  statements that Miss Zu asked us to. Eventhough we already done it but we got to check them up for last time in term of sentences, spelling and above all grammar in order we're not doing same mistake.
23rd Jan 2013 4p.m

                    REDO Thesis statement

     Yesterday our thesis statement has been rejected by Miss Zu because we did wrong in term of sentences which is the sentences fell apart when she read it untill she gone confused. I know it's awful then she asked us to redo it in class and do it in the group to discuss together.
Class today was held in library not in SL c112  where we were supposed to be because Miss Zu has something to settle down. She entrusted us to be there. In the library, we gathered around in group and discused on the table before we get in computer lab in the library. Many friends gave us a good idea how to make it. At 5.30 pm we're done and leave the library happily. 

so these are our thesis statement:

 Despite, baby hatch provided by government is the one of the noble step to protect these  unwanted babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more catastrophe than solution.

Although  government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide among the unwanted babies  but, there are strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result an positive ones .

Other claims that baby hatch provided by government is very effective to protect these unwanted babies from being harm  however, there are hard evidences that implementation of baby hatch could rise the baby dumping problem and other social problems rather  than to protect these unwanted babies from being harm.

In order to reduce the number of homicide among unwanted newborns from being arise, the government has provided baby hatch to protect these unwanted newborns from being abandoned or killed and seems more effective, despite from that some people claims that baby hatch provided give more negative impacts to the babies and community rather than positive impacts.


Monday, 21 January 2013

22nd Jan 2013 4p.m

                             Present Thesis Statement

       Today  we presented our thesis statement and  we were the first because there's no one dare to volunteer to do so. As we expected before we entered the class, Miss Zu really mad at us because she wants 3 thesis statement to be presented not one and she rejected our thesis statement and redo it tommorow.  Today just a few group's thesis statement  have been accepted and all arguemtative writting group have been rejected..
21st Jan 2013 2p.m

                      NO CLASS:   My pleasure day

like Miss Zu said couple of days ago today's class is cancelled but she leaves us a small homework. We need to create our own thesis statement based on our broad topic. So, this is my thesis statement.
  I strongly believe that baby hatch provided by government is one of the giant step to protect these babies from danger. Despite from that baby hatch provided by government could bring more harm than good.

What do you think? 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

16 Jan 2013 4p.m

                       Introductory Essay

Today we were learnt how to do a perfect introductory paragraph by using 1 or more hooks to grab reader's attention before we make our own. I show you what we learnt this evening:

The function of introductory

¨It attracts the reader’s interest to continue reading the essay / Get the readers’ attention.
¨It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.
¨It presents a thesis statement, the main idea of the essay, usually towards the end of the introduction.
¨It indicates a plan of the essay’s development (optional).
¨Set tone for the rest of the essay

The part of the introductory paragraph 

¨The Hook - Designed to grab attention immediately and give
 some indication about the essay’s topic


¨The Transition - Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay….
¨The Thesis Statement - Makes the contract with the reader about what will be discussed without a blatant announcement.

  So Fikri and i decided to write our introductory paragraph by using Quotation as our hook. Below is the example of quotation hook that we preferred to:

¨“I am stupid. I am never going back to school.” These are the words spoken by a learning disabled child when he was in first grade. He cried as he slowly walked to his bedroom, shredding his schoolwork into small pieces. This was the first of many times when he and his parents would feel frustrated because there was nothing that they could do. Parents of children with learning disabilities have often felt unprepared to help their children with their handicaps and frustrated with attempts to seek the proper placement of them in the public-school system. The experience of school can be overwhelming for children who have trouble learning. The learning disabled student in the public educational system must deal with academic, social, and emotional problems.