Wednesday, 19 December 2012

4p.m 19th December 2012

                                            Unexpected Wrath: Hell day to my Partner

               I couldn't believed what was happened to my partner, Fikri . Today was my first day i skipped the class because i went back to my hometown at 3. If i enter the class today it same way i go to the lion cage because i expected Miss Zu will be mad at me because i still don't have the text book as i promised  and the material is still incomplete so how my partner and i going to present it ?. I already told to my partner not to attend the class for one day but he insisted to go. As a result, everybody in the class get shocked when Miss Zu became a great lion when she lose her temper at my partner because all the incomplete material was in my hand so he has nothing to present. What kind a hell day that you had, Fikri. That was so pathetic.

             At midnight, Fikri called me and expressed what he felt with grieve sound and he told me everything what was happened in the class. I could imagined every line of his story and  I really sorry to him i know it was so hard for him to accept it. WHAT A KIND OF CLASS IS THIS and
 when all this going to end?? I bet everybody in the class must be cursed me because i am a newcomer in that class so i don't want anybody in the class think that i am a troublemaker. I don't know how to face everybody in the class after this. That was my fault.

2p.m 18th December2012

                              Broad Topic Presentation: Day 1

                     Today i really bored in the class because Miss Zu totally dissatisfied with  my friends who carried out a presentation about broad topic because what they have done never met her expectation. Some of them still don't really understand what she really wants. They just volunteered to present their work in front of us and wait to be victim of her wrath if she doesn't satisfy with it and she will simply reject their presentation immediately and reodo it again.

                     The others who watched it felt very scared and not confident to present their's. Me?? i was not going to take that risk, it's too risky. So i let other people to do it first and see what her responses toward their presentation. As a result, i met my expectation that she really doesnt like it. Untill one moment, she really pissed off because there's no one can reached her expectation  at all.

                         In conclusion, this assignment is totally annoying because it never get done since last week. Oh my god, what am i' supposed to do next??? Run?? hide??skip? or drop?  hell of a choice huh...
but i can't looked back and i must surge forward. Retreat hell  HOOORAHHH!!!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

3rd week
2p.m 17th December 2012

                               RECAP:  I don't Remember Anything About Tenses

                            This evening was rainy before i walk out from my college. I made an option either to go class quickly or just wait the rain is stop. I had no choice but run over it to the class at Dewan Peria before 2 o'clock,and i was lucky i could arrived at Dewan Peria on time. Unfortunately, when i arrived all of my friend who arrived earlier had to waited couple of minutes because the hall was used by degree students who organized party. I don't know what the party was. Several minutes after that, we entered the hall and started the class as usual. I saw Miss Zu today  was very tired.

                            Miss Zu reminded us about the assignment that she gave to us. So we gave to her our assignment. Unfortunately, our assignment rejected because we did it wrong. She asked us to redo it again. We respected her order and we    obey it. She gave us 24hours to redo it. Then, our class continued. Miss Zu brought our focus to grammar especially basic past tense, present tense, and future tense. Oh my english, i forgot everything about tense.
I tried hard to answer every her question eventhough i always wrong.

                         Here what we learnt this evening. Check this out YO...

Past Tenses. Past Perfect, Past Simple and ContinuousPresentation Transcript

  • 1. Past Tenses Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect Simple
  • 2. Past Tenses: Structures Past Simple : Subject + Verb -ed (or irregular form) Negative: Subject + did not/ didn’t Verb(basic form) Interrogative: Did + Subject + Verb (basic form) Past Continuous: Subject + was/were + Verb -ing Negative: Subject + was/were + not ( wasn’t/weren’t ) +Verb -ing Interrogative: Was/Were + Subject + Verb -ing ? Past Perfect Simple : Subject + had + Verb -ed (or irregular form) Negative: Subject + had + not ( hadn’t )+ Verb -ed (or irregular form) Interrogative: Had + Subject + Verb -ed (or irregular form)
  • 3. Past Simple. Spelling rules for regular verbs If the verb ends in “silent –e”  It disappears “ I lived in Italy” (live + ed  lived) If the verb ends in “consonant + y”  -ied “ They carried the boxes home” (carry + ed  carried) Duplication of the final consonant of a verb: Conditions: The verb ends in one only consonant (except X or W) The last syllable is stressed The vowel of the last syllable is “ short ” Example: “They dropped the ball”/”They kidnapped my sister” Exception: when the verb ends in “l” it doubles though the last syllable is not stressed. (example: “travelled”)
  • 4. Simple Past. Uses To talk about finished actions in the past: One action after the other: “ She opened the door, turned on the lights and entered the house” An action that happened in a certain situation. “ The car knocked the child down when he was crossing the road” A short action finished in the past (you indicate when it happened with an adverb of Time): “ Yesterday, I arrived at home too late”. A finished actions that takes a long period of time (indicated in de sentese ): “ I lived in Britain when I was young”
  • 5. Past Continuous. Uses To talk about an action in progress in the past: “ At midday last Sunday, I was working with my laptop” To express the situation in which action happened in the past: “ The little kid was crossing the road when a car knocked him down” To talk about the context in which the events of a story happened: “ It was getting dark, the sun was beginning to hide behind the hills, women were tidying up the entrance of the church. Suddenly, a strange red light appeared in the sky” To talk about two actions that were taking place simultaneously in the past: “ My wife was talking on the phone while I was surfing the web”
  • 6. Past Perfect Simple. Uses. To express a finished action that took place before another completed action in the past. “ My family had already arrived before I left”. “ After we had finished dinner, we got ready to go out.” “ When the police arrived, the murderer had killed everyone”. “ By the time we met, I had eaten all the packets of salt & vinegar crisps” Future Past Continuous Past Simple Past Perfect Present

Present Simple Tense


How do we make the Present Simple Tense?

subject+auxiliary verb+main verb
  do base
There are three important exceptions:
  1. For positive sentences, we do not normally use the auxiliary.
  2. For the 3rd person singular (he, she, it), we add s to the main verb or es to the auxiliary.
  3. For the verb to be, we do not use an auxiliary, even for questions and negatives.
Look at these examples with the main verb like:
 subjectauxiliary verb main verb 
+I, you, we, they likecoffee.
He, she, it likescoffee.
-I, you, we, theydonotlikecoffee.
He, she, itdoesnotlikecoffee.
?DoI, you, we, they likecoffee?
Doeshe, she, it likecoffee?
Look at these examples with the main verb be. Notice that there is no auxiliary:
 subjectmain verb  
+Iam French.
You, we, theyare French.
He, she, itis French.
You, we, theyarenotold.
He, she, itisnotold.
?AmI late?
Areyou, we, they late?
Ishe, she, it late?

How do we use the Present Simple Tense?

We use the present simple tense when:
  • the action is general
  • the action happens all the time, or habitually, in the past, present and future
  • the action is not only happening now
  • the statement is always true
John drives a taxi.

It is John's job to drive a taxi. He does it every day. Past, present and future.
Look at these examples:
  • I live in New York.
  • The Moon goes round the Earth.
  • John drives a taxi.
  • He does not drive a bus.
  • We meet every Thursday.
  • We do not work at night.
  • Do you play football?
Note that with the verb to be, we can also use the present simple tense for situations that are not general. We can use the present simple tense to talk about now. Look at these examples of the verb "to be" in the present simple tense - some of them are general, some of them are now:
Am I right?
Tara is not at home.
You are happy.

The situation is now.
I am not fat.
Why are you so beautiful?
Ram is tall.

The situation is general. Past, present and future.


Future Tense

The future tense is used to tell what "will" happen, or what "shall" happen.
will go to the beach next month.
shall write the letter next week.

How do we use the Future Simple Tense?

No Plan

We use the future simple tense when there is no plan or decision to do something before we speak. We make the decision spontaneously at the time of speaking. Look at these examples:
  • Hold on. I'll get a pen.
  • We will see what we can do to help you.
  • Maybe we'll stay in and watch television tonight.
In these examples, we had no firm plan before speaking. The decision is made at the time of speaking.
We often use the future simple tense with the verb to think before it:
  • think I'll go to the gym tomorrow.
  • think I will have a holiday next year.
  • I don't think I'll buy that car.


We often use the future simple tense to make a prediction about the future. Again, there is no firm plan. We are saying what we think will happen. Here are some examples:
  • It will rain tomorrow.
  • People won't go to Jupiter before the 22nd century.
  • Who do you think will get the job?


When the main verb is be, we can use the future simple tense even if we have a firm plan or decision before speaking. Examples:
  • I'll be in London tomorrow.
  • I'm going shopping. I won't be very long.
  • Will you be at work tomorrow?


 That's all.. Today class was quite stress to recap what we learnt this before. However, we could remember all of them at the end of the class.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

4p.m 12 December 2012

                        Second Assignment is Given 

                      Yeahhh today was a good day because we were typing a blog but i already done it so what am i supposed to do in the class?? . Everyday i updated new post about what was happening in the class. So today, i just surfing the facebook without Miss Zu's permission. That was so rude and let bygone be bygone hahaha..Some of my friends asked me to join their blog. I think it was an interesting idea because i could obtain more stories from them . In case if i have no idea to put in my blog i could refer the recent stories from their blog. Was'nt it good, right??

                           In the end of the class, Miss Zu gave us an assignment for us to do in the weekend. I thought it was a difficult assignment but it was a easy one. First, we need to find a partner. I picked Fikri Ismail as my partner because we in same college so it's easy  for both of us  to do our assignment. Second, we need to search one title from current news which is contain lot of issues and it is rare. Lastly, we need to present it by next week. Most of students in that class seem hate to do that because it was quite complicated to do. No matter what happen we got to do this and don't ever give up. For us it was just a test and we just get through this together..Hoooorrahhh..

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2p.m 11th December 2012
                     That's Shocking!!!!

             Today  was very merrier than yesterday when Miss Zu conducted an exciting activity called " That's Shocking''. First, we need to write down our 4 amazing stories  which can make people shock when listening to your stories on the piece of paper. Second, we need to fold up the piece of paper to an origamy airplane. Third, fly it to our friend then our friend get the different paper and they can not take their own paper and can not open the paper until we are told to do so. Forth, Miss Zu pick one person randomly to read 4 stories from  the paper in front of us. First  funny story that i heard was '' i often sleep naked, i like singing and dancing like crazy person in the bathroom''  everybody get shocked with that story and they were laughing. Me??  i can not controlled myself . Then ,Miss Zu told ''a real person please stand up'' then a girl stood up and we were not believe it was a girl often naked while sleeping.. we were thought was a boy could do that no wonder it was a girl. Everybody had a big  laugh at that time.
Lastly, after the first reader done they need to guess the person behind those stories. If he or she could guess it so the person need to stand up and read the stories until everybody done it. Be advised, every story were told not 100% reliable because some of them just made it up those stories  to make people laugh.
              In conclusion, we had a big time for today and our lecturer was very happy when listening our funniest stories.
Before i pen off my blog for today, I hope our lecturer could do another activities next time.

Monday, 10 December 2012

week 2
2p.m 10th /Dec/2012

                             Learn from Mistake

               Today class was quite dissapointing because we were too slow and making many mistakes until Miss Zu get angry and dissapoint while we carrying out an activity too slow but I respect to Miss Zu because she still professional in how to manage her emotional state. If i were in her shoe i'll directly shout and angry to anybody who make mistake but she is different. yeahhhh..starting tomorrow ,every task and activity that she give to me i'll be do the best and i'm not going to let her down..

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

4.30pm   5 Dec 2012

                 Happy but DESPAIR

               Today class was cancelled. I felt so relieved when somebody said ''hey today class is cancel" but in the same time i pissed off with all my friends when nobody informs me the class was cancelled. I felt so  aggrieved. Why there was nobody write it, post it and inform it in the Facebook?? ..arrggghhh then i'm walking to my college with angry face.What a day..i was so lucky that class not too far from my college otherwise i will get more angry today.. I hope this is will be not happen again for next time because this is will be a trouble and wasting time for some people and please be corporate as a team.
              Oh before i pen off my blog for today, i would like to leave my phone number FOR ALL MY NEW GOOD FRIENDS just want to make sure we can keep in touch all the time.. if class cancel. Thank you.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

4 Dec 2012

                               Welcome to Our New Friend

                Today it was rainy..what a calm day.. I just sit at the back and listening my lecturer talking by herself..Today,  we got a new a friend but I don’t  remember his name..oh my god
Maybe tomorrow I would know him more better after this..

2P.m  3 Dec 2012
                                My first day of BEL 311's class

                Today  it was rainy until miss zu hard to talk because to noisy but she still can make a fun eventhough she has sore throat. Then, She organized an activity for us. it’s called ‘’ network communicate’’ for me that was fun and I hope Miss Zu could organize another exciting activity next time in order to improve our communication skill to other people hahahah..

                Before we end our class, Miss Zu told us to create a blog account and update it and i said ''what on earth she talking about?? create and write a blog??" She gotta be kidding me..Because since i was born in 1993 until now i never thought in my mind to do that such a tedious thing in entire of my life. Since it was my first time heard somebody asked me to do it so why don't i try and how is it looks like. Fun or annoying?? i got to find out in a couple of days later.