Wednesday, 30 January 2013

30 Jan 2013 4p.m

                         Check the error of  the Introduction

        Today we watched our friend's presentation who had been rejected yesterday. The presentation carried out very well and Miss Zu checked and corrected the error of their thesis statement then she gave a greenlight to all of the groups. Then, we proceeded to introduction, she wants to check them. We must ensure the grammars, sentences, and tenses are good. Miss Zu checked the introduction of all groups. While she was checking the other's introduction  ,Fikri and I checked the entire of  introduction. When it comes our turned, we showed everything we got. It's undeniable that Miss Zu actually have an eye like an eagle, she detected our errors then She immediately corrected it. Now, we good so we can proceed to the next stage, the Outline. It is Sound terrible to me.  Here it comes.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29 Jan 2013

                        Thesis statement accepted

Alhamdulillah today we presented our 3 thesis statements and one of  our's have been accepted. So, this is the thesis statement that Miss Zu accepted.

It is indeed that baby hatch provided by government is

 the one of the noble steps to protect these  unwanted

 babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in

 Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby

 hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more

 catastrophe than solution.

 It is not just our thesis statement that she accepted but all of my group of arguementative writting and only 2 groups still rejected and there another one have not present it yet. After we done about writting thesis statement, we go to how to do outline. I see it's quite complicated to do but we see it how in the next class. See you tommorow.

Monday, 28 January 2013

28th  Jan 2013

                              PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Today we have no class at all due to the public holiday for one day but tommorow  we have to present  our  presentation  about 3 thesis  statements that Miss Zu asked us to. Eventhough we already done it but we got to check them up for last time in term of sentences, spelling and above all grammar in order we're not doing same mistake.
23rd Jan 2013 4p.m

                    REDO Thesis statement

     Yesterday our thesis statement has been rejected by Miss Zu because we did wrong in term of sentences which is the sentences fell apart when she read it untill she gone confused. I know it's awful then she asked us to redo it in class and do it in the group to discuss together.
Class today was held in library not in SL c112  where we were supposed to be because Miss Zu has something to settle down. She entrusted us to be there. In the library, we gathered around in group and discused on the table before we get in computer lab in the library. Many friends gave us a good idea how to make it. At 5.30 pm we're done and leave the library happily. 

so these are our thesis statement:

 Despite, baby hatch provided by government is the one of the noble step to protect these  unwanted babies and reduce the rate of mortality infant in Malaysia, however, there are strong claims that baby hatch implemented in Malaysia will bring more catastrophe than solution.

Although  government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide among the unwanted babies  but, there are strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result an positive ones .

Other claims that baby hatch provided by government is very effective to protect these unwanted babies from being harm  however, there are hard evidences that implementation of baby hatch could rise the baby dumping problem and other social problems rather  than to protect these unwanted babies from being harm.

In order to reduce the number of homicide among unwanted newborns from being arise, the government has provided baby hatch to protect these unwanted newborns from being abandoned or killed and seems more effective, despite from that some people claims that baby hatch provided give more negative impacts to the babies and community rather than positive impacts.


Monday, 21 January 2013

22nd Jan 2013 4p.m

                             Present Thesis Statement

       Today  we presented our thesis statement and  we were the first because there's no one dare to volunteer to do so. As we expected before we entered the class, Miss Zu really mad at us because she wants 3 thesis statement to be presented not one and she rejected our thesis statement and redo it tommorow.  Today just a few group's thesis statement  have been accepted and all arguemtative writting group have been rejected..
21st Jan 2013 2p.m

                      NO CLASS:   My pleasure day

like Miss Zu said couple of days ago today's class is cancelled but she leaves us a small homework. We need to create our own thesis statement based on our broad topic. So, this is my thesis statement.
  I strongly believe that baby hatch provided by government is one of the giant step to protect these babies from danger. Despite from that baby hatch provided by government could bring more harm than good.

What do you think? 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

16 Jan 2013 4p.m

                       Introductory Essay

Today we were learnt how to do a perfect introductory paragraph by using 1 or more hooks to grab reader's attention before we make our own. I show you what we learnt this evening:

The function of introductory

¨It attracts the reader’s interest to continue reading the essay / Get the readers’ attention.
¨It supplies background information needed to understand the essay.
¨It presents a thesis statement, the main idea of the essay, usually towards the end of the introduction.
¨It indicates a plan of the essay’s development (optional).
¨Set tone for the rest of the essay

The part of the introductory paragraph 

¨The Hook - Designed to grab attention immediately and give
 some indication about the essay’s topic


¨The Transition - Moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay….
¨The Thesis Statement - Makes the contract with the reader about what will be discussed without a blatant announcement.

  So Fikri and i decided to write our introductory paragraph by using Quotation as our hook. Below is the example of quotation hook that we preferred to:

¨“I am stupid. I am never going back to school.” These are the words spoken by a learning disabled child when he was in first grade. He cried as he slowly walked to his bedroom, shredding his schoolwork into small pieces. This was the first of many times when he and his parents would feel frustrated because there was nothing that they could do. Parents of children with learning disabilities have often felt unprepared to help their children with their handicaps and frustrated with attempts to seek the proper placement of them in the public-school system. The experience of school can be overwhelming for children who have trouble learning. The learning disabled student in the public educational system must deal with academic, social, and emotional problems. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

15 Jan 2013 4p.m

                                                          How To ''hook'' The Reader??

                     Today we were recall about thesis statement. The location of thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph. Thesis statement is different for different type of essay.
Miss Zu asking us to make three thesis statement for our term paper,she going to check it on Tuesday class.We also learn about the hook for introduction paragraph. What are the type and the function of the hook??  There are 7 type of hooks:
Personal example
Facts or statistics
Rhetorical question
Current event
Contrast to the thesis statement
  The function of these hooks are to attract reader to read more of our essay. The hook must put at the first of paragraph  you can put more than one hook as you like  to make it perfect and make people anxious to read more  your essay. Then, you can put transition . Transition is actually works as connector  between hook and thesis statement.  That's all i can share with you guys.

Monday, 14 January 2013

15 Jan 2013 2p.m

                        Debate session

                Its been too long  i waiting for this moment. Here we go. Today Miss Zu organized my favourite activity called debate where we were divided into 4 major groups that comprised 7members. We were given a topic "it is considered cheating when your partner girlfriend/boyfriend  was checking on other beautiful girl/boy on Facebook".  We were on Government side stands to againts all Oposition's argument who strongly againts with this topic. We were given almost 15minutes to prep ourselves with strong point of arguement to put the Opisition down. Our point of arguement was:

Feeling development
when you start add or accept someone, for example, you add a girl. Next, you will get curious curious about the girl then you stalker her profile and her photos. You love her photos and give her a like, and comment by giving her a sweet compliment to her. Of course the girl will melt down with word and start chatting. Next, it will can develop feels of love to  that girl and can cause a broken relationship if you were married.

Time management
once you like with a girl, you will spend more time chat with her until you neglect your responsible toward your wife and family. Yet the marriage will become falling apart.

Neglect responsiblity
you might be neglect your responsibilty as a leader of family. Thus, it could create a gap between children and parents when the parents keep arguing each other.

9 Jan 2013 4p.m

                       Comment Our Friends Blog

             Today Miss Zu wants to check our blog. Before that, Miss Zu asked us to edit our blog such as put some pictures or inputs in our blog within couple of minutes to make it more creative and perfect. My god, i  seriously don't know that put some pictures in the blog was a compulsory. Whatever just ignore it because i don't have any one of those. Then, we need to comment our friend's blog. First person's blog that i gave a comment was Syafiqah Salleh. I commented her blog about her broad topic and gave her a little opinion on how to improve it. When i was typing a comment for Syafiqah, Miss Zu access into my blog through big screen. Everybody was watching  it. Miss Zu read several of my blog quietly. Do you want to know what her response after read mine??  She made poker face like nothing happened. Thank god it was such a relieved when she said " Your blog its good, i like it. You expressed everything through this blog and don't worry i'am ok with it and i'am not going to mad at you"   Then, Miss Zu compared my blog with the girl's and it's totally different in term of background and type of writting. Mine quiet organized. A lot of my friend started access into my blog and i accepted a lot of comments. Miss Zu asked us to reply every comments sent from our friends in order  to not let them down. Today was an easy day.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2p.m 7 January 2013

                               Internet Problem

                          Today we have to bring our own laptop to comment our friend's blog properly. Unfortunaely, most of us couldn't access the internet because the internet was too slow.  Miss Zu decided to switch class from Dewan Seri Peria to the library. When we in the library, we still encountered same problem. '' Why the internet so slow??'' Everybody kept gripe and getting pissed off in front of the screen. Then, we entered the computer lab in the library and our problem solved. We do what we supposed to do..Nothing good happen for today..


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2p.m 9 Jan 2013

                            FACTS OR OPINION? what are the differents??

                        Fact or opinion?? how to distinguish between them?? It easy to distinguish it because they have a different. A Facts is specific detail that can be proven as true  based on objective evidence. While, opinion is a feeling, judgement, belief or conclusion that can not be proven by objective evidence. Let me give you an example.

                       Example for fact:                                       Example for opinion:
    Blogging only can access through internet.                          I think i hate blogging.

but if the question asks you this
" The beautiful whale can grow as big as 100 feet long " so what the answer fact or opinion??
you can say both because of the word beautiful is indicate about feeling therefore it is opinion while the word as big as 100 feet is indicate about fact.

This is what we learnt this evening about facts or opinions. Quite simple but tricky. Then we proceeded our class to the exciting game. The game we played really easy. First, we divided into 4 groups which comprised 5 members. Second, we need to pick a product in the secret box and we got a Trim Coconut Milk. Third, we need to create a few of facts and opinion. Therefore, we decided to pick 3 facts and 2 opinions about the product that we picked. Then, we presented it while the others have to guess how many opinions and facts that contained in the presentation. The team who can guess it correctly get 2 marks. So, my team obtained 4marks and we were even with Fikri's group. As ussually, the loser have to give a big hand to the winner. We were really proud of it eventhough our triumph was meaningless without a gift hahaha..

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2nd Jan 2013 4p.m


                      Yahoo today we entered computer lab in Sri Laksamana. What a lovely class. We surfed the internet to complete our online quiz about pharapasing that Miss Zu taught us about few days ago. Quite easy to do and i scored full marks at my first attempt. I completed the quiz in a short time then i used the computer for my own amusement such as Facebooking rather than doing my blog. But its ok i can do it later when i'm back to my room.

                            Then, we played an interesting game. First, we need divided in a group that comprised at least 6 members  for each group and there were 4 groups played the game. Second, we had to watch the video feed on the big screen then, we had to guest the hidden meaning of the video shown. After that, we had to intrepret what we understand based on video by creating our main point and show it in front of our friends. Miss Zu read our main point and she doesn't satisfied with our's then she gave us zero mark because it doesn't related with the video shown at all. Then, we continued second and last round but the result still never change. That was pathetic and embrassing because we straightly got zero mark from Miss Zu.
                         At the end of the game, we were the big loser and that was not just us but there were 3 groups  were the loser. The losers had to give a big hand to the winner. Eventually, we were just let them win.
                     At the end  of the claass, i met Miss Zu personally to get clear about the assignment and i showed all of my effort all ths while. I was  definately wrong to Miss Zu when she said she didn't ask me to print out the assignment but she wants to see in soft copy. Oh my god, no wonder we spent a lot of penny to print it out because we weren't understand her order this before. We just done it for nothing. Miss Zu told me that i was the first student who met and asked her. oh REALLY?? However, Miss Zu appreciated our big effort and this assignment  considered it done.. Fuhhh, i was really relieved for today. From onward, we could put our mind at ease no more think about this anymore. For Miss Zu, we are really sorry about you because we are always thought wrong about you and we are promised to put away any lingering doubt on you. Thanks for today.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1 Jan 2013 4p.m

                              Discuss about the answer of Phrapasing
                        Today we were discussed the homework that Miss Zu gave to us yesterday about ''Pharapasing" then Miss Zu just picked several persons randomly among us to read their answer. She knew that we are visual learner therefore she asked Wasim and Syafiqah not to read their answer but write their answer on the white board. After that, Miss Zu proceeded to new topic " Summarising''.
I think it is easier than pharapasing which is quite tedious, hard and difficult to do but summarising i bet it's not.

                          Since i have nothing to gripe on this blog for today so i want to pen off.. Bye-bye

31 December 2012
Monday 2p.m

                     OUR MISERABLE LIFE

                       " Everyday we had to spend some money to print out our Bel assignment"  that is our undeniable fact every time before we enter Bel class. But, our assignment still rejected by our lecturer so we have to redo it again. We went to the library, spend our time in front of computer to seek an information that she asked to. She has a high demand asked us to looking for the information in the library website instead of using google internet. We had to search in the ProQuest. Then, ProQuest gave us a damn. Very tedious and made our life miserable when we have to sit in the library all the time. Today before class,we spent almost 2 hours to find it and we found nothing on the screen because there was nothing related with the topic about baby hatch.  Then, we entered the class and submit what we got. She rejected our assignment because  what we found are not met her expectation .We were very tired of it and dissapointed. Our concern for this semester we just  pay attention do this thing and don't mind about other subjects anymore. This is Never going to an end.

                         Luckily, today we could put our mind at ease when Miss Zu accepted our title about baby hatch ,at least she accepted a piece of our effort. We were so relieved when she said " i think it is good with your title, very good". I really like that sound. So after  this we need to looking for more information from library then we need to print it out. So, here the presentation that we shown for today in the class.

Well i would to like to share to all of you about what the negative and positive side of providing hatch.
       There are 4 positive sides. First, it can reduce the number of abandoned babies dramtically. Second, the rate of infant mortality will reduced. Third, it is one of giant step to change a better life for the babies when they grow up. Lastly, Malaysia as efficient as developed countries in handling abandoned babies issues.
           There are 4 negative sides. First, it could encourage people to do premarital sex. Second, foreigner could take advantages of baby hatch that provided by our government. Third, increasing the number of non-marital children. Lastly, it is insulting the section 317 of the penal code where if you abandon your child below age 12, the parent of the child will serve their life in jail.

                 So that's all that i can share with you guys about my topic. You may prefer this topic more detail through:

I need your constructive comment in order to improve our assignment. We appreciate your assistance Thank you.