Saturday, 23 February 2013

20th February 4P.M

                           How to make Full Essay

            Today MissZu taught us little bit how make a full essay. Its simple but we need to be careful. The simple thing is, we just put transition signal to connect all points in our outline that we made it this before to form a perfect full essay.. Miss Zu also taught us about concluding statement which means put some sort of advice in your last paragraph of the essay . For those who write arguement essay, you can write your stand in your concluding statement.

   After that, we learnt about Causes and Effect essay. How to do it??
First, we need to differentiate which are causes and which are effects. For example;
A plane crashed due to mechanical error.    This situation we can detect and differentiate between causes and effects. A plane crashed is the effect while mechanical error is the cause. We also learnt about how to link cause and effect in page 105 till 109..

At the end of the class, we have to do cause and effect essay in group. We had been divided into 5 groups . Mine was group number 3. Then, Miss Zu showed us 5 videos and we need to understand the message in videos. Our video was about English pronouciation. Then, we made a full essay together.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

18th February 2013 2P.M 


Before i starting my blog for today i would like to wish WELCOME BACK TO UiTM SEGAMAT
for all students after a week were had a mid sem's holiday. Today, i overslept and skipped the class but i updated what Miss Zu taught from my friends. Miss Zu taught about inferences. Do you want to know what is inferences?   

inferences is what you read between the line or the author want you, as a reader you need to guess and make the jump to the same conclusion the author have made. 

When we read something our inside voices will:
1.             Make guesses
2.             Find connecting point
3.             Ask question
4.             Make prediction
5.             Personalize the reading
6.             Uses background knowledge to interpret 

my friend told me, they also played game as well.. They said the game called " who kill Mr. Boddy".. I wondering what kind the game was that. 

6th February 2013

                              MY OUTLINE IS COMPLETED

Alhamdulillah after a week Fikri and I  brainstorming on how to make the best outline which is very challenging and hard to do because it must follow the format and rules. Today, Miss Zu read our outline and we noticed that she was very pleased what we have done. So, no time to talk lets me show you our outline:

                        The negative and positive sides
                            of providing baby hatch.
        I.            Introduction :
It is indeed that government provide baby hatch to stop the homicide     among the unwanted babies  but, there strong claims that baby hatch provided will bring more negative result than positive ones.

      II.            Body paragraph:
A)     Con 1:  It can reduce the number of abandoned babies dramatically.
1.       According to Nasiruddin H. (n.d.) notes that baby hatch is a place where unwanted babies dumped by their parent.
a)      He added that human resources staff will inspect the infants and they will deliver the infants to the Welfare Department after they ensured the infants are in good health.

2.       However  this factual statement might be inconclusive because not most of unwed couple wants dump their baby in the baby hatch this fact is supported by the annual report from police department shows unwanted baby still dump in uncompatible place.

3.       Pro 1: To begin with, unwed couple wants to avoid from being disgraced by community due to their illegal action by dumping their infant in the baby hatch.
a)       According to Spokesman for UN Children’s Fund (n.d.) states that unwed mothers are encounter a numerous of social stigma that  guide the mother to unsafe abortions then lead them to dump their infant to incompatible place.

B)      Con 2:  some people say that the implementation of baby hatch  good to  reduce the rate of infant mortality.
1)      It is undeniably  that newborns are need high protection to ensure they can survive in this world and give them another chance to live.
a)       Harjeet Singh (n.d.) proposes that innocent infant’s life can be rescued by providing baby hatch where these babies can seek a shelter from being harmed.

2)      In contrast, researches shown that  the baby dumped in the baby hatch could get proper attention in term of health care, food and protection is very essential.

3)      Pro :  Another reason why baby hatch must not be implemented because it still not utilize effectively .

a)      According to Faizah (n.d.) proves  that there is still unwed couple dumped and killed their newborn infant by flushing them down the toilet, abandoned them in the dustbin or threw them into the river eventhough baby hatch already implemented.

C)      Con 3:  For those who are against these ideas may say that we should to dumped the babies at the mosque or welfare centre.

1.       Providing baby hatch brings us towards westernization and modernization such as Japan.

a)      When modernization absorbs in ourselves it will eliminates good moral values, customs and rules of religions.

2.       Pro 3:  saving a life is not wrong eventhough it is violate of law under section 317 of the penal code where if you abandon your child  below age 12, the parent of the child will serve their life in jail but giving a second chance is one of noble steps.

a)      We can’t judge or punish these babies due to their status

b)      Everybody deserves a second chance  to change their life.

    III.            Conclusion

According to the numerous weakness and shortcoming what was our government provided for Malaysian people is not permenant solution to curb baby dumping problem , it is proven by many statistics shows baby dumping  problem is increasing every year eventhough baby hatch is provided  in Malaysia and since the hard evidence provided  here proves that everyone should against of baby hatch implementation in Malaysia because it brings more harms than good.

so, what do you think about our outline?  We are require your constructive comment to improve our outline. Thank you :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


5th February 2013

                                                          Redo the Outline

   Yesterday our outline had  been rejected due to many of errors. Today, we redo it in the class so we need to bring our own laptop in the class. While, i was typing the outline suddenly my laptop notified that battery is low and automatically shut down. We got to do by using computer class. Miss Zu gave us suggestion and correction of general errors. At the end of the class, we still didn't complete it yet due to lack of information. We have to continue in the college and submit it on Wednesday.

Monday, 18 February 2013

4th February 2013 2P.M

                     Check the outline
Today as Miss Zu promised last week to check our outline progress so today is the day. Fikri and I are confident to be first checked by Miss Zu. She was scanning every line of paragraph and she noticed  there are many errors in our outline because we didn't follow the format given. We have to redo it again and submit before Chinese New Year..