Tuesday, 12 March 2013

6 March 2013 4p.m

                                                       FORMAT OF SPEAKING TEST      

                       Today  Miss Zu gave us the speaking test format. Therefore, she proposed to use speaking test like in Bel260 where the candidates can present their point at the first round, Second round they can oppose other candidate opinion and pick the best the one. Below are the format that i got.

1) read the question for 1 minute.

2) You are given 5minutes to prepare your points to support or oppose the other   candidate's view.
3)  your group is given 20 minutes for discussion.
4) take note down while the other candidates present their point for arguement purpose.
5) After you listened, try to reduce decision which is the best. Everyone must make their own conclusion.

                                   NIGHT CLASS

              Tonight is replacement class for our previous class which Miss Zu called it off this before . Today was the day . Tonight Miss Zu taught us about comparison or contrast before that you need to understand the basic of comparison or contrast first. well its easy you can compare 2 equal items and next decide if you want to compare and contrast. It so easy when Miss Zu showed us what is Venn Diagram

and taught us more detail about Venn diagram

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