Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st March 2013  8p.m

                                                            The  Saddest Day Ever

          Tonight, we filled the form of survey on the students' perceptions, interactions and writing proficiency in call through reflective journal on blogs that given by Miss Zu. Well in the form actually is reflect to our blog. For me personally bLogging it is good on how to improve our english grammar. After that, we discussed about example of term paper. I'am still slow on how to do it but i just stick to the flow  on how to answer it.

         Now let me tell you about the saddest moment that we been through tonight , As we know tonight was the last day we met Miss Zu because final examination is about around the corner and we have to end it tonight. Not only end for BEL 311 but it is also the last day for all of us to be together, having a junk food together and laugh. I can't stand to see all of my friend's face because they shows grieve face on the our last meeting.

     The Good news about tonight is, i don't need to update any BEL311's blog anymore booyyyaahhhh
Bye-bye Miss Zu
Farewell Friends
R.I.P miserable work

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